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Welcome to Trips + Giggles!

No, we're not a stoner backpacker site. Nor are we a Vespa-enthusiast site (although we do love a Vespa ride every now and then.)

Instead, we're here to dish out cool travel ideas for parents who just happen to have some kids in tow. We'll be spotlighting kid-friendly hotels, amenities and programs; fun things to do in different destinations; and tips on how to get where. We’ll also be tackling travel strategies from surviving the long plane flight/road trip to staying healthy while traveling. We’re even putting together an extensive list of hotel and resort babysitters in case you need a much-deserved parents’ night out. 

What we won’t be doing is going on and on about our personal vacations. The goal of this site is for you to get the practical info that you need for your next trip and then get on with your life/diapering/cleaning up the Play-Doh/getting the kids ready for bed.

And as parents already know, the best advice comes from people who have been through it before. So sign up and start chiming in with your own tips and experiences. 

Got a question about a destination, a hotel or a general "How do I do this and keep my sanity" question? Send it to us and we'll get it answered for you. 

And don't forget to sign up for our (free) newsletter! It makes for a great read while killing time at the playground.


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