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These Hotel Brands Actually Want Your Kids to Eat Healthy

You're not the only one who's sick of making mac n' cheese and chicken nuggets.


Earlier this summer, we rounded up 6 Hotel Brands That Actually Want Your Kids To Spend The Night. Now, we're looking at 3 Hotel Brands That Actually Want Your Kids To Eat Healthy.

Say what? Yes, it's true. These hotels care about feeding your kids good stuff (either that, or they are just as sick of making mac n' cheese and chicken nuggets as we are.) 


According to a recent "well-being" study conducted by Westin Hotels, more than 50 percent of the parents questioned were concerned about having healthy foods while traveling. And of course, all of them were perplexed at how to get kids to eat vegetables. Ok, so Westin didn't divulge how many were perplexed but we're going to guess it was a significant amount. So Westin went ahead and created the Westin Eat Well Menu for Kids in partnership with SuperChefs Cookery for Kids, a non-profit organization compiled of doctors, dentists, dieticians and chefs who are dedicated on educating kids on eating smart.

Available at Westin hotels worldwide, the menu includes eight signature dishes that were created, er, conceptualized and tasted, er, tested by kids like the Baby Spinach & Cheese Omelet, Build Your Own Fruit Crepes and Build Your Own Salmon Niçoise Salad. Ooo, fancy! The menu also serves as a playful placemat with games and educational tidbits on what makes the food that is listed on the menu, a superfood.

Westin is also partnering up with The Juicery to create juices and smoothies that are actually healthy (and not just frozen yogurt blended with some fruit.) These could totally serve as meal options, especially at breakfast time, for the kids too. The juice menu is expected to be in all Westin hotels by early 2015. 


The kids menus from JW Marriott were created last year by nutrionist Keri Glassman, and they are by far, one of the best kids menus we've seen at a hotel. Just look at the options! Chopped salad! Salmon with local vegetables! We even see steamed broccoli on the menu!

If your kid is not impressed by the main entrees, then they can mix and match foods like organic chicken with edamame and apple sauce. Breakfast options are little less exciting ranging from French toast sticks to pancakes and eggs but overall, the menu is a huge step up from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pizza. (Admittedly, that's on the JW Marriott kids menu but with healthier ingredients.)


At every Omni Hotel, kids will receive their own OmniKitchen Kids backpackInside are the obligatory kids backpack amenities like an activity book with (washable) crayons. However, this backpack also includes a Twisty Tomato plastic drinking straw (to use with the colorful plastic travelers’ drinking cup offered at the hotel’s restaurant) and recipes from the Omni brand's own nutritionist, Chef Cheryl Forberg, R.D. To save you some work, here's the recipe for the Zoo-licious Trail Mix from Omni:

Zoo-licious Trail Mix Recipe

2 Cups Animal Crackers
1 Cup Dry-roasted Peanuts, Sliced Almonds, or Pecans
1 Cup Banana Chips
½ Cup Sunflower Seeds
½ Cup Sweetened or Unsweetened Coconut
1 Cup Whole-Grain Goldfish Crackers

Mix in large bowl. Store in a large air-tight container or portion into single serve plastic snack bags.

Trips + Giggles will be scoping out the Kids Menus at hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos and wherever else you may stop to feed your kids. Seen a great, or horrible, menu option? Send it to us! 

Photos: Westin Hotels; Trips + Giggles; and Omni Hotels


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