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5 Essential Items to Bring on Your Baby’s First Flight

Congratulations, you have a new baby in your life! Oh sh*t, now you have to fly to grandma's house. 


Well, 6 essentials, if you count the baby. #probablyshould

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Baby's first cry. Baby's first smile. Baby's first blow-out diaper in a cramped space surrounded by at least 100 other people and no Diaper Genie in sight. 

Flying with a baby for the first time is incredibly nerve-wracking. New parents not only worry if their child will be able to endure an airplane flight, they also live in fear of upsetting their fellow passengers, especially after this couple ruined it for all other parents flying with children. And don't forget about hauling all the baby gear to the airport. 

We're constantly fielding questions on what to bring for baby's first flight, so we thought we'd give you a simple list. And since you have to lug the stroller and the car seat with you (remember, you can check these at the gate), we thought it would be nice to keep your carry-on a little bit lighter.

5 Essential Items to Bring on Your Baby's First Flight

1. A Well-Stocked Diaper Bag. Pack more diapers than you think you will need (in case of travel delays), a hefty packet of wipes and the all-important, scented diaper disposal bags.

2. Bottle, Pacifier or Boob. This is a must for take-off and landing so as to ease the pressure on your little ones' ears. Also, if your baby drinks formula, pack a little extra, again for travel delays. 

3. Dishcloth. This is mostly for you as holding a baby on your lap in a tight space is bound to lead to some spillage, whether it be formula, milk or chardonnay. Burp cloths could work in a pinch but you should save those for the baby.

4. Change of Clothes. For baby, of course, but also for you. See #3 above. 

5. Little Toys. Don't go crazy with the toys in your carry-on. If you've timed the flight right, the baby should fall asleep at some point. But do pack an old favorite (whatever grabs his or her attention the longest) and something new that you've bought especially for the flight. We kinda can't resist Captain Calamari either.

Tell us what worked for you on your baby's first flight in the comments section below!

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