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5 Toys and Activities for Keeping Older Kids Entertained on The Plane

A fidget spinner-free guide.


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We've given you the lowdown on how to keep your toddlers entertained on a plane, but what about older kids? We have to admit our go-to "toy" of choice is the iPad. We make sure it's fully charged and fully loaded with games, books, movies, and TV shows that don't require internet. Plus we make sure to bring an audio splitter along just in case they need to share for a while.

Yet our kids (ages 4 and 6) actually get bored of the iPad after a little while. And since most of the flights we take are at least five hours long, we always stash a few more tricks in our bag just in case.

What are your best toys/activities for older kids on airplanes? Let us know in comments below! 

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS: I recently taught my 6-year-old how to braid friendship bracelets when she was home sick from school one day and once she got the hang of it, she spent hours making bracelets for her friends. Packing some embroidery floss and some Scotch tape (to hold down the bracelet while you braid) could not only help you out on a long flight but also if there are delays in the airport or for killing time in a hotel room. Alex Toys also makes a Friendship Wheel which will jazz up your bracelet designs. 

Photo: Flickr

UNO CARD GAME: Uno + Emojis? It's a win. This game can be played with two players (and as many as 10) but if you sit yourself in the middle seat with a kid on either side of you, Uno is a perfect way to pass the hours on a plane. Ditto for other card games like Old Maid, Go Fish and Crazy 8s. 

MAD LIBS: Yes, Mad Libs are still awesome. And it's even more fun to use this silly story exercise from your childhood with your own kids. Also, it's kind of educational because you're teaching kids about verbs, adjectives, and nouns. 

Photo: Flickr

ORIGAMI: A long airplane flight stuck in a small space seems like the perfect time to teach your kids about the Japanese art of paper folding. We have a book with step-by-step instructions on building origami pieces but it's a little hard for the kids (and to be honest, adults) to follow. So bringing along an origami kit like this one below is an easier alternative. 


Photo: Flickr

BATTLESHIP: This is another throwback to our childhood but c'mon, it's a classic. Yes, you can buy the mobile app for Battleship but let the kids do this one analog-style while you're on the plane. Just be sure that your kids can handle the small pieces so you're not apologizing profusely to the person behind you so they can pick up a piece that's fallen down behind your seat. 

Photo: Flickr


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