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6 Gift Ideas for Dad This Father’s Day

Help him live the best #DADLIFE he can.


Why yes, that is a fanny pack with speakers.

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It's always a challenge to find something for Dad that goes beyond ties, golf gear, grilling accessories, and books. But we've got a few ideas for the adventurous Dad in your life. Check 'em out! 

HERSCHEL BACKPACK, $99Any of these backpacks will thrill dad but we like the Retreat Backpack which comes with a fleece-lined 15" laptop sleeve, an inside media pocket with a headphone port, and adjustable drawstring closure perfect for stuffing stuffies that someone no longer wants to hold. 

JAMMYPACK FANNY PACK SPEAKER, $70: Fanny packs are back, even supermodels are wearing them! But instead of having dad stuff pacifiers, Shopkins, or Legos in his fanny pack, why not have him stash some cool tunes with this Jammypack speaker fanny pack? Yes, this is kind of a gag gift but it's kind of a great idea for hikes, walks, or runs. We are also in love with this Fourth of July fanny pack from Target. And it's only $20!

FAHERTY SHORT-SLEEVE SHIRT, $148: Comfortable and chill is how best to describe the Faherty brand of clothing, which is inspired by #thatbeachlife. (Read more on the Faherty brothers here.) Buying a Tommy Bahama shirt for dad is so late 90s. This is the new Hawaiian shirt for modern dads. Speaking of the 90s, if your dad used to rock a Baja poncho in '92, then he'll be thrilled with this updated version. Hacky sack not included.

BUTCHER BOX, $129 a month: 'Tis the season for dad to get grillin' so why not send him a box of meat? That's what Butcher Box is all about. Each month, the box comes with about eight to 11 pounds of meat which should make for about 20 individual meals. You can choose between an all-beef box, or a chicken and beef box, or a chicken and pork box. Or you can customize the box however you like. You can even throw in add-ons like bacon and sausage. Best of all, the meats are 100 percent grass-fed beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage-bred pork free of antibiotics and hormones. 

NOISE-CANCELLING HEADPHONES, $249Not just good for plane rides or train rides but also for tuning out the kids while at home, er, we mean finding peace and quiet while at home. PC Mag put together a list of the best ones to get and we're partial to the Bose Quiet Comfort 20 which are earbuds rather than bulky headphones and thus, easier to carry. Stick 'em in the fanny pack!

SPLURGE: FOLDABLE KAYAK, $1,299+If you're dad loves kayaking, consider this foldable kayak as the Father's Day gift to end all other Father's Day gifts. The foldablility is obviously the big draw here, making the kayak easy to bring along on adventures and easy to store during the work week since it collapses into the size of a large backpack. The kayak comes in three different models but currently the Beach LT and the Bay ST are sold-out on the website, leaving only the Coast XT available...for about $2,500. The Beach and the Bay kayaks are more casual while the Coast is meant for "rugged expeditions in surf and wind." Don't worry, you can buy the Beach LT at REI stores or on It's also available on


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