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6 Ways To Treat Your Mama On Mother’s Day

Flowers, candy, and kids' clay creations are always appreciated but she'll love these treats too. 



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Mother's Day is almost here (May 14) and if you're looking to spoil the mom in your life, we've got six gift suggestions we think she will love. Of course, the usual suspects of flowers, candy, massages, handwritten cards, preschool pottery pieces, elementary school crafts, and texts from teens overflowing with emojis are always good but just in case you want to go above and beyond. (Nudge, nudge.)

Tassel Pouch, Loeffler Randall

Usually we hit up LR for shoes but their handbag line is equally cute and fun. We think the mama in your life would love this multi-stripe woven clutch with a black leather tassel. It’s big enough for a small wallet, cellphone, and small make-up essentials. But please, do not encourage her to put diapers and wipes in here. Let her have one thing that’s not meant for #momlife.

Photo: Loeffler Randall

Tocca Candle, Cleopatra

Candles can seem like a cop-out, especially if they are grabbed last-minute from the check-out line at Marshalls, but this intoxicating scent form Tocca is pure heaven. Consisting of “watery cucumber and tangy grapefruit”, It’s the perfect scent to use at night to wind down from the day’s hectic activities. Indeed Tocca meant for this candle to be a nod to Cleopatra’s own penchant for long, luxurious baths. If you aren't sure if mom will love the scent, you can buy a little 3oz. version for $20. 

Photo: Blue Mercury

Baller Bathrobes

There comes a certain point in a woman’s life when she ditches the old high-school t-shirt and college lacrosse shorts bedtime ensemble in favor of a soft nightgown and an even softer bathrobe. Or maybe that’s just what happened to me after I had children. Nevertheless, moms will love a stylish bathrobe to perk up their mornings and also, to keep them from looking like a total nightmare when the neighbors walk by the house and see her running after her kids with a forgotten lunch sack. Our top choice is a Missoni bathrobe (which nears the $400) mark but we also dig this indigo kimono robe from the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin and the ultra-comfy seersucker robe from Telegraph Hill which we used during our stay at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. 

Photo: Hotel Saint Cecilia

SK-II Facial Masks

We’ve extolled the benefits of this moisturizing mask before but any mom would love this as a gift, whether she becomes a hardcore devotee to this Japanese skincare line or if she just tries it once. The mask is an easy way to pamper herself at night or after the kids have gone to school for the day. She can also re-use each mask at least two times which makes up for the high cost of the product ($95 for six masks.) Or you can just plop one mask into your card to give along with a nice bouquet of flowers. 

Photo: Trips + Giggles

Swell Bottle

Not only do Swell bottles keep liquids cold or hot for a long period of time, but they are super cute to tote around. We love this Waikiki print but we’d settle for the cheetah print as well. Even better, you can totally chill rosé in these things, making it a perfect accessory to carry along to the beach. Just remember, this is mommy’s special bottle, mmkay? 

Photo: Nordstrom


Straw floppy hats are practically required for mom's summer uniform, but this summer let's jazz up her trusty straw sidekick with an embroidered phrase on the rim. We particularly like this one—DO NOT DISTURB—but if you peruse Pinterest or Amazon, you'll find a slew of funny/fun/true phrases for her to exhibit while she's poolside. (LOL to this "Silently Judging" hat.)

Photo: Reve Boutique


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