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7 Travel Essentials for Babies and Toddlers This Summer

Taking a trip this summer with your little ones? Here's the latest in travel gear that has us excited to get away.


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As summer draws near and travel plans begin to get made, we're spotlighting 7 TRAVEL ESSENTIALS FOR BABY AND TODDLERS. (Also, selfishly, we're about to have another baby and we're keen to try out all the new stuff that's come on the market in the last five years.)

1. GRACO PLAYARD JETSETTER: We've owned several of Graco's traditional Pack n' Plays but now the company has debuted a Jetsetter version that's smartly made for travelers. For starters, it's easier to carry than older Pack n' Plays. Folded up, it's dimensions are 10-inches in width and depth and 25-inches in height. Plus, the carrying case has backpack straps on it making it easier to lug through airports or up to your guest rooms. The Jetsetter also has a removable domed canopy that allows you to shield baby if you set up the Pack n' Play by the pool or on the beach. Another option, although more expensive, is the Lotus Travel Crib. It's even lighter than the Jetsetter!

2. SO GOOD BABY PACKETSSqueezable baby food packets are everything when you're traveling. So Good Baby is a new, entirely organic line of packets made with non-GMO fruits and vegetables. The packets also don't have any preservatives or any added ingredients. What you see is what baby gets. And we love their adorable packaging. You can pick these up at Target or purchase 12-packs online from

3. OXO TOT-ON-THE GO DRYING RACK WITH BRUSH: Bottles are a pain to clean while traveling, but this nifty case doubles as a drying rack and a place to store your bottle brush while you're in between adventures. No more hogging all the small washcloths in the hotel room just for drying the bottles! 

4. DISPOSABLE DIAPER CHANGING PADS: Ok, these are not the most glamorous items to bring on your trip but they are good in case of an emergency, i.e. your diaper bag changing pad gets defiled mid-flight. We like the Munchkin ones because the baking soda helps offset the smell. 

5. FLY TOT: This is a splurge item at $69 (not including a $15 shipping fee and tax) but if you're taking a long-haul flight and want, no, NEED, your toddler to sleep during some of the trip, this genius piece of travel gear is well worth it. And cheaper than an upgrade to business or even premium economy.



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The way it works is essentially like an air mattress. Fly Tot comes with a pedal pump and takes about 2-3 minutes to pump up. Then you place in between the back of the seat in front of you and your seat, or rather your child's seat, thus giving them room to stretch out almost completely and hopefully, fall blissfully asleep. (We would advise practicing blowng up and deflating the Fly Tot before you get on board.)

6. INGLESINA FAST TABLE CHAIR: Instead of worrying whether that cute café or hot restaurant will have highchairs, just bring along your own with the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. It will attach to any table and it comes with its own carrying case.

7. THE DOONA STROLLER: We've already gushed over this stroller before, but being able to eliminate the car seat bucket from the list of travel gear will make your travels feel so. much. lighter. 

BONUS: TOY CAMERA: The first rule of traveling with a baby or toddler is pretty much to distract them with shiny new toys. Alright, that's just the philosophy we've subscribed to over the years and hey, we think it works. So while you guys are taking pics of your adventures, let Little Miss or Junior join in on the (pretend) fun too with this cute toy camera. Or maybe a toy smartphone with a fake Instagram account is more appropriate. 


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