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Why School of Rock is a Great First Broadway Show For Kids (But Hurry!)

The whole family will leave the theater chanting 'Stick it to The Man.' 



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"Lion King" is often at the top of the list for great Broadway musicals for younger kids but an underrated option that everyone will love is "School of Rock."

Yes, it's based on the Jack Black movie from 2003, but it's cuter and funnier. The premise is still the same—unsuccesful slacker/rocker Dewey Finn scams his way into a prep school as a teacher and then ends up recruiting his students to play in a band that will compete at the Battle of the Bands—but this version has peppy songs written by the one and only Andrew Lloyd Webber. (The Broadway show also performs in the same theater as Webber's other big musical hit "CATS.") A few standout songs include "Stick It to The Man", "Top of Mount Rock" "If Only You Would Listen" and "Where Did The Rock Go?"  

The show also features school-aged children not just singing, but playing real instruments—guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. My kids (ages 7 and almost 6) were wowed by that part. Us adults loved the rock history and how totally inept Dewey is at dealing with school-age kids. 

That said, there is some adult humor and the use of the word kick-ass but otherwise, nothing wildly inappropriate. The one awkward moment for me came at the beginning when Dewey's old band No Vacancy is singing the hilarious number, "Too Hot For You" and the lead singer is suggestively pulling down his pants while shirtless. I nervously giggled and hoped that it would quickly pass. It did and my kids didn't ask any questions, phew.

With an intermission, the show is about two hours long. We loaded up on snacks and drinks before the show began which saved us from the rush at intermission. But we did get suckered into buying two t-shirts and I'm embarrassed to say the total was $70. These weren't even flippy sequin shirts! Oh well. #vacationmode #memories #dontsayididntbuyyouanything

"School of Rock" debuted on Broadway in 2015, but now it's coming to an end. The show just announced its final date at the Winter Garden will be January 20. It will, however, continue its US tour and its show in London. But if you want to see it in NYC, get booking! 


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