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Of Course Silicon Valley’s Airport Playground Would Have a Robot

B E E P  B O O P.  


A few years ago, Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) rolled out three robots to assist travelers with whatever they needed during their time in the airport, usually regarding services, stores, and bathroom locating. 

But not long after that, SJC also deployed a couple of iPal Robots in their kids' play area in Terminal B near Gate 24. Run by AvatarMind, the robots have a tablet on their chest on which kids (and adults) can play games, but the robots can also sing, dance and talk. Kinda cool! And kinda creepy. 

The little playground also has plenty of old school toys and games for kids to play with too. Just in case you aren't totally comfortable with your kids being entertained by robots. #raiseshand

Know of an awesome airport playground? Send it to us! 


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