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A Carry-on Bag You Can Really Carry (and Store Under the Seat)

Lightweight, waterproof, plenty of pockets (but not too many) and fun patterns too.


Current carry-on bag.

CreditTrips + Giggles

The struggle to find the perfect, chic but compact carry-on bag is real. And for traveling parents, it can be even tougher. We need something that is big enough to fit the diapers, wipes, toys, bottles and snacks. But we also need something that is lightweight and can easily fit under the seat (God forbid you have to reach into the overhead bin everytime Junior needs a new game.)

In most cases, your everyday diaper bag can double as your carry-on. But I always found the diaper bag to be too narrow or stiff when trying to slide it under the seat. But even the soft bags have issues. The Marc Jacobs soft quilted diaper bag I used to use has so many different pockets that I often forgot which pocket I put the all-important pacifier in. 

Then I stumbled across this Everygirl Tote from LeSportsac. 

I had been using a smaller tote from LeSportsac as my "playground bag." Something to keep the diapers, extra clothes, juice boxes, etc, in during trips to the playground and on other adventures like Disneyland, the beach and the mall. I really liked how it was lightweight and that it had both a front pocket and an inside pocket.

The Everygirl Tote is the exact same function but just bigger. It measures 11 x 12 x 7 in. and has a front pocket, an inside pocket and, like all other LeSportsac bags, comes with an extra pouch, perfect for wipes or pacifiers or to hide lollipops from prying eyes. 

The pattern above is no longer available on the site but they have plenty of others, including a new pattern from Liberty Fabrics, a Cinderella-themed one and two Minnie Mouse ones (perfect for Disney trips.) But of course, basic black is available too. Prices start at $82 for the tote and go up to $102 for the special edition prints.

TRIPS + GIGGLES TIP: In case you need to know how big your carry-on can be, hit up this excellent infographic from Smarter Travel that depicts 11 Airline Carry-on Policies.


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