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Air New Zealand Has Us Wishing All Airlines Had a SkyCouch

A couch in economy? Sounds ideal! And it is, but only for the little ones. 


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Sleeping on a plane is tough. Getting a kid to sleep on a plane can be damn near impossible. But if you're flying Air New Zealand, there's a way for your children to actually lay down and get some real shuteye. It's called SkyCouch. 

SkyCouch is essentially three seats in one row in economy with footrests that extend all the way up to create a couch. The armrests move up as well and the seats recline ever so slighty. When it's all configured, the seats really do look like a couch. *

Initially, I thought SkyCouch would be a perfect way to enjoy a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to London with my husband. However, once we got onboard, we realized the SkyCouch is teeny tiny for two, ahem, full-sized adults. The couch itself is only about 5-feet long. There wasn't even enough space to cuddle and thus, make good use of the cuddle belt. But the extra space in between the seats was nice and we were free of awkward interactions with a third person during the flight. 

However, I spied a mom with two small kids making good use of the SkyCouch on the other side of the airplane. The mom had taken the aisle seat and propped up the footrests for the other two seats so that her children could lay down. Since SkyCouch comes with a comforter and normal-sized pillows, it's easy to set up a little bed for the kids. When I peeked over, the toddlers were snoozing away.  

Now if only domestic flights here in America could offer the same thing. 

*To book the SkyCouch, you actually have to buy two regular-priced economy seat tickets and then you'll be eligible for the SkyCouch upgrade. The upgrade price depends on how much you paid for the original fare. We paid about $500 to upgrade for one leg of the trip. If you have three people in your party, you have to book three tickets as well and then an option for SkyCouch will pop up at a lesser price than if you just had two tickets.

What Else is On Board Air New Zealand for Kids:

In-Flight Entertainment: The airline's incredibly in-depth and easy-to-use in-flight entertainment system has a special kids zone, which even includes books on video.

Activity Packs: Children also receive a fun Cadet Kids activity pack onboard.

Children's Meals: Air New Zealand offers special children's meals but since we weren't impressed by the adult meals, we say bring lots of your favorite toddler/kid snacks.

Baby Gear: Long-haul flights on Air New Zealand are equipped with bassinets, disposable diapers, drinking cups, formula and pre-prepared baby food are available but in limited quantities.

See more snaps of the Air New Zealand in-flight experience below! 



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