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14 Things You Need to Know About Volcano Bay, The New Water Park in Orlando

What to expect from Universal Orlando's new water park, Volcano Bay. #knowbeforeyougo


The Ohno Drop Slide. Clever name, right?

CreditUniversal Studios Orlando

Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend Madness, Universal Orlando will open up its new water theme park, Volcano Bay, on May 25. Built around a fictional Pacific Islander tribe called The Waturi, the water park is essentially one giant tiki-themed water playground. Which we think is fantastic. And regardless of how you feel about water parks, this one promises to be the most exhilarating, the most technologically-advanced, and oddly enough, the most relaxing water park yet. 

Here's a BY THE NUMBERS look at what to expect from Volcano Bay. 

3: This is the third theme park at Universal Orlando. The resort already has the Islands of Adventure (aka Harry Potter-land) and Univeral Studios. Three is also the number of villages that Volcano Bay has—The Wave Village, The River Village, and The Rainforest Village. (TIP: The River Village is the most toddler-friendly one.)

18: Volcano Bay has 18 different water attractions, including a wave pool, a handful of "reefs" and the Krakatau Aqua Coaster where four people fit into a "canoe" and ride up into the Krakatau Water and Fire Volcano.

9: The number of different kinds of waves that the wave pool will churn out from rolling to thrashing.

30: The amount of acres the water park takes up in the Universal Orlando resort area. You may want to invest in sporty flip-flops. (History lesson: Volcano Bay has replaced Universal's old Wet n' Wild water park.)

200: That's how many feet the volcano rises up from the water park. 

70: That's the number of degrees of the free-fall drop of the Ko'ori Body Plunge. This ride also shoots you through a 5.5-foot plexi-glass tube located in the reef of the Wave village. #wedgieswillhappen #beprepared

2: You can expect to ride on two winding rivers inside the theme park. The more relaxing of the two is the Kopiko Wai Winding River which takes you on a leisurely ride around the park and through the Stargazer's Cavern. The TeAwa Fearless River is basically like clinging for your life during a whitewater rafting trip. 

1: There is one water attraction that was made for toddlers—The Tot-Tiki Reef. Here your little water bugs can go down splashy slides, play around a tot-sized water volcano, and run amok in the spraying fountains. 

6: The number of people who can hop on a raft for the wild Maku Puihu Round Raft Rides, another equally thrilling, white-knuckle ride with a zero-gravity "hang time" at the end. 

4: Different colors of the TapuTapu wearable devices that allow you to virtually wait in line for a water park ride while you cavort around the park. Read more about that awesome tech here. You can also use the wearable device to pay for food and drinks and other items at the park. #NOBRAINER. 

6: There will be six different places to grab food and drinks from among the three villages at Volcano Bay.

62: Dollars for a one-day Volcano Bay park ticket for kids. 

67: Dollars for a one-day Volcano Bay park ticket for adults. 

314.99: Dollars for a three-day, three-park ticket for adults. (It's $304.99 for kids.)

For more photos and info on the park, CNN recently got an inside look. 


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