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Another Airport Playground, This Time at The AA Admirals Club at JFK

A club lounge that just might be worth the entrance fee, thanks to this set-up.


Sunglasses might be needed in here.


Playgrounds at airports are few and far but Trips + Giggles will be making note of them where we see them. Know of a cool airport playground? Let us know!

Here's a shot of the Children's Area at the American Airlines Admirals Club at New York's JFK Airport in Terminal 8. More specifically, it's on Concourse B near gate 43. Soft, rubber flooring? Check. Flat-screen TVs? Computers? Free WiFi? Check, check and check. Strange, padded, cubby holes to crawl into? Er, check.

Despite the lack of climbing structures and toys, the Admirals Club area is actually one of the only dedicated children's areas at the airport. Yes, it's behind the pay wall that is the Admirals Club but if you're stuck on a long layover or a delay, this could be worth it. A day pass is $50 and gets three children up to the age of 18 in for free.  Otherwise, you'll just have to let the kids run amok in several of the various retail stores at the airport, provided they don't break anything of course.

For more info on how to get into this club, go here. (Note: This is different from the AA Flagship Lounge at JFK, which is within the Admirals Club but which doesn't have the kids area. #confusingweknow.)

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