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As Seen in Redbook! The Trips + Giggles Babysitter Directory

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Do you know how long we've wanted to say..."As seen in...!" Thanks, Redbook!

Welcome Redbook readers! We're so happy to have you! 

If you're planning an all-important Vacation Date Night during your next family trip, but need someone to watch the kids, our Babysitter Directory is a great resource. 

You can read the backstory on the creation of this directory right here, but below is a short description of what it's all about.

We've created a list of babysitting agencies in 20+ cities across the U.S. that are often recommended by luxury hotels. Because of liability concerns, most hotels cannot make the sitter reservation for you, so it's up to you to call the agency and find out their pertinent info.

But now, we've done that work for you. We called up five-star and luxury hotels in each of these cities and asked for their babysitting agency suggestions. Then we called those agencies and/or visited their websites to ask about their sitters, rates and any additional fees.

An average hotel babysitter is going to ask for a four-hour minimum at around $20-25. Bigger cities will have bigger hourly rates. The hourly rate also typically increases as the number of children increase. Cancellation policies are very strict, usually requiring 24 hours notice or else, the full hourly minimum will be charged. So cancelling a sit with a four-hour minimum at $25 an hour is $100.

There are often other fees involved including parking or transportation for the sitter, meals for the sitter, double-time pay for holiday sits, and sometimes, an agency referral fee.

However, we strongly recommend, no, we insist, that you do the rest from here. Call the agency yourself, at least two weeks in advance, and find out as much as you can about the sitters. Agency directors understand how nerve-wracking it can be for parents to hire sitters, so a good agency director will take the time to answer all of your questions. All of them.

Also, read our interview with a babysitting agency director as well as,"What to Ask The Hotel Babysitter." And remember, trust. your. gut. If something feels off, then cancel your event and order up some room service instead.


This list will keep growing so be sure to check back often. We'll also send out emails on our newest updates so make sure you're receiving our newsletter!

LEGAL WAIVER: This babysitting directory is not a recommendation to use any particular provider. Trips + Giggles does not recommend, employ or endorse any care provider, nor is it responsible for the conduct of any providers. Please do not consider this directory an endorsement or recommendation of any of these providers. Trips + Giggles assumes no liability for the services furnished by these independent providers who have no affiliation with Trips + Giggles. Additionally, Trips + Giggles did not receive any compensation from the agencies listed.

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