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On La Compagnie, Babies Can Fly Business Class Too

A new all-business class airline will willingly welcome your baby onboard.


"Would you like the Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times?"

CreditLa Compagnie Boutique Airline

Babies and children in business or first class seats are a touchy subject. First, some people believe that business class luxuries are wasted on the young which is probably true. Then, there are the people who have paid top dollar for a business class seat, hoping for a relaxing flight, only to be seated next to a parent and a lapchild. Or worse, a two-year-old who has their own seat. (Sorry about that. Here, have another glass of wine. It's free.) 

But if you're flying an all-business class plane, your peeved seatmate could feasibly move to the back of the plane, and still have a business class seat to sit in. Everyone wins! 

That's the case with the new all-business class airline, La Compagniewhich flies between Paris Charles De Gaulle and Newark Liberty airports and starting in late April, will add a trip between London's Luton Airport and Newark.

There are 74 lie-flat seats onboard, each with built-in massage features, and equipped with a reading lamp, compartments for your personal items and gadgets, an electrical outlet, and a Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet for in-flight entertainment.

Meals are created by chef Christophe Langrée of Faust restaurant in Paris and the travel kits placed in each seat are from our fave French drugstore brand, Caudalie. 

And La Compagnie says they are very family-friendly, as evidenced by this Instagram pic of a baby in a bassinet in the bulkhead, that the airline shared on their Facebook page today. (If you read the comments on the post, someone posted a pic of a toddler sleeping in the seat. Sleeping on a plane success!) Alas, there are no nannies onboard.



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Even better, the airline is now offering specials on their flights ranging from $1,007 roundtrip for the London route and $1,500 roundtrip for the Paris flights. Like flying domestic, there is no charge for children under 2 who sit in your lap.

Considering that some regular coach tickets to Europe start at $1,000 a person, this is an incredible deal. You know, if you want to expose your kids to the finer side of airplane life at an early age. #DontGetUsedToItKids


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