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Here’s Why You Buy In-Flight WiFi Before You Fly

Pardon the rhyme but add this to your Packing List every time.


Do you really need to check your email?

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In-flight WiFi is a technological achievement we never thought possible back in the 80s when in-flight entertainment consisted of drop-down TVs the size of a small textbook. For those traveling on business who need to check emails or for those who simply cannot disconnect because they are addicted to the #digitallife, the advent of in-flight WiFi has been a godsend.

But it is a pricey one. 

Above is a screengrab of in-flight WiFi costs from GoGreed, er, Gogo Air aboard Virgin America that we snapped back in February. No need to rub the screen to make sure that's the correct price. Gogo really does charge $39 for WiFi for the duration of your flight, which in this case was about five hours as we traveled from New York back to Los Angeles. If we just wanted to sign on for 30 minutes to text the sitter back home or do a quick check of work emails, that would be $11. Hell to the Nah. 

HOWEVER, there's a trick to avoid paying these overinflated prices from GoGreed Gogo Air. Simply log on to their website before your flight takes off and you'll see the prices are drastically reduced. I've done this numerous times from my phone while waiting for the plane to board, but you may want to add this to your Packing List so you don't forget.

Sadly, just last year, that pre-purchase price for an all-day pass was $16. For some reason, the cost of in-flight WiFi is increasing even as the in-flight networks are being called out with numerous faults. 

Granted, your kids probably won't need WiFi during the flight, especially since the WiFi doesn't support streaming services but if you need to download a new game app in an emergency or if you need to escape the pain of being cramped in a row littered with goldfish crackers, juiceboxes and crayons by logging onto social media, it's nice to have that option. Wine also helps too.


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