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Destination Hotels Makes Getting to Your Destination Easier, Thanks to Babierge Partnership

Yes, you can leave home without it all! Rent the baby and kid gear you need for your trip from Babierge instead. 


This mom can enjoy the view because she didn't have to lug that stroller through the airport.

CreditDestination Hotels

UPDATE: July 9, 2018. Babierge has changed its name to Babyquip. Everything else remains the same! 

Most parents, especially new ones, can get a little worked up when thinking about all the gear they have to bring on their vacation. There's a travel crib and a stroller, plus bottles, diapers, wipes, changing pads, toys, sound machines, bath tubs, bath toys, etc. The list could go on and on, especially if you're a Type A parent seeking to recreate the child's nursery while on the road. (ProTip: Don't!)

We've often advised our new parent friends to pare down as much as possible, taking only what you really need and either asking the hotel you're staying at to provide what's missing for you or consult a baby gear rental agency.

Destination Hotels has now combined both of these options, with a new partnership with Babierge. 

Babierge is an existing baby gear rental shop that uses local "Trusted Partners", often times moms like you, who can deliver baby gear from cribs and strollers to toys and diapers, directly to where you're staying. Head over to their site to see how this all works.

Prices are set daily and vary depending on the gear that you choose. For instance, a BOB stroller can be rented in Los Angeles for $12 while an Uppa Baby stroller is $16. Cribs and bassinets are typically about $8 a day while bouncy seats and swings can be even less. And of course, these partners are vetted by Babierge and insured as well.

Now if you're staying at a Destination Hotel, whether in Hawaii or D.C., you can have the gear you need delivered to your room and picked-up with a 10 percent discount. Yaaaaasssss. And since Destination Hotels has partnered with Babierge, that gear delivery should be seamless. So you can get to sipping on your rosé quicker. 


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