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Why Element Hotels are a ‘S’well’ Choice for Families

Stay green, feel good with Element Hotels. 


Element Las Vegas (well, Summerlin, about 20 minutes from the Strip.)

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Element Hotels have long been on our To-Go to list for business travel as well as for family travel. This spin-off of the Westin brand has incorporated not just modern and pleasant designs into their guestrooms and public spaces with an emphasis on natural light and open spaces, but also a bunch of wellness amenities as well such as healthy breakfast items (included in the room rate), a 24-7 pantry stocked with good for you goodies, 24-hour fitness centers, and a strict no-smoking policy. 

But Element Hotels are even focused on doing good things for the earth. Their properties always feature recycling bins, both water and energy-conserving fixtures, recycled fabrics and carpets, low VOC paints, and often, charging stations for electric vehicles. 

Now, the brand has partnered with S'well Bottle to offer these reusable and stylish water bottles in their Restore pantries at each property. Guests can purchase the S'well bottle during their stay and then use the filter-water faucets in their guest rooms to fill it up. Sidenote: We have about six of these in our house and they are amazing at keeping your water cool, even during hot weather. You can also buy a bottle from the smaller and cheaper line called Sip by S'well

For families, Element is a stellar choice because their guestrooms feature kitchenettes (and in some cases full-kitchens) and pull-out sofas, plus gaming systems in the lobbies. And we really love the design. It's simple, clean and not fussy whatsoever. 

Element Hotels originally started out opening in not-so-frequented cities, typically in office parks and near airports, but now you can find Element Hotels in big cities such as New York, Miami, Austin, and coming soon, Anaheim aka Disneyland! 


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