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7 Books for You, Not the Kids, to Read on Spring Break

Put down Pout Pout Fish and pick these up instead. 


We used to pack beer koozies, now we pack books.

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If you're taking off soon for spring break, or if you just need a good recommendation, here's a list of books that we've blazed through recently because they were T H A T good. 

Instead of describing what the book's about, since you can find that out on Amazon (click on the book cover) or in iBooks along with a gamut of reviews, we've just put our short and sweet take on why we loved it.

Note: I compiled this list based on what appealed to me and my mom friends. Dads probably have different likes. So send those recomendations along!

AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE: This came highly recommended by a friend and yet I didn't know too much about the plot, but thought the title was intriguing and heartbreaking. But I had no idea how heartbreaking...and unfair. 

THE IMMORTALISTS: If you've ever toyed with visiting a psychic, this book may have you thinking again. Also, an interesting tale of how siblings lead different lives.

STATION ELEVEN: Now that the flu season is mostly behind us (crosses fingers tightly), go ahead and read this fascinating science fiction/dystopian novel about how a devastating flu wiped out nearly everyone on earth and how the next generation survives. Also, if you think your hotel room has slow WiFi, this novel has people reminiscing about electricity. 

BAD BLOOD: Absolutely riveting account of how Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of blood-testing start-up, Theranos, duped everyone.

CALYPSO: David Sedaris is the funniest, wittiest man in the universe and I want him beside me at every boring work function. This is his latest memoir/essay on random bits of life, including the serious as well as the frivolous.

PACHINKO: A long but moving saga about a family that is forced to leave Korea for Japan and how the subsequent generations fare as immigrants there.

THE DEATH OF MRS. WESTAWAY: Read this thriller on a warm and sunny beach since most of it takes place in cold and rainy England. But the twists and turns will have you hooked and there's a good chance you will stay up all night to finish it. 


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