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Here Comes Suiteness, a Booking Site Just for Hotel Suites

A super suite booking option for families. 


Booking a hotel room is always an exhausting process. Not only are you looking for a nice hotel in a central location but you're often trying to find the best deal. If you're traveling with children, you're also looking for larger-sized rooms. Unfortunately, not many big booking sites make this an easy task. And here's a secret fact, not many hotels show all of their suite inventory on their websites either.

Which is why we're really psyched about 

The new site launched last year offering only suite options at hotels, which makes selecting a room with more space an incredibly easy task. And these options include those "secret" penthouse and presidential suites, which aren't often listed on booking sites or the hotel's own site.

While the site first kicked off with Las Vegas hotels, they've now recently expanded to Miami and New York and the deals there are pretty, well, sweet. We found the Penthouse Suite at Thompson Miami Beach, a super-fun hotel north of all the Collins Ave craziness, going for just $476 a night. Granted that was in the middle of the week and it was before taxes and fees, but still, a penthouse for under $500? Suiteness, indeed. In New York, over Valentine's Day Weekend, rates were a little pricier of course but it was refreshing to see all the suite options in NYC listed, and in an easy-on-the-eyes format too. 

Oh! And aside from scoring a hidden suite, a portion of each booking will go to a local charity. Even suiter!

The only drawback is that some hotels, like the 1 Hotel South Beach, have fairly large rooms for their starting category and those are listed on Suiteness as well. So at that point, you're just getting a regular room. Another drawback, as with all booking sites, is that you won't collect hotel loyaly points for booking with Suiteness. But when faced with the prospect of sharing a regular room with two toddlers who go to sleep at 8pm, meaning you have to shut down at 8pm as well, earning loyalty points may not matter. 


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