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Kind Traveler: A Hotel Booking Site You Should Know (And Will Love)

Damn, it feels good to be a hotel guest...who gives back.


No trees were harmed in booking your hotel stay with

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If there's one "Look at Me!" trend in this crazy, fast-paced, social-media driven culture of ours that Trips + Giggles can wholeheartedly get behind, it's the genuine desire of people and companies to give back to local communities and organizations. Because of social media, non-profits and charities and other urgent needs cases can be put at the forefront of people's minds—and offer direct links on how to help. We can especially get behind these social media-lovin' do-gooders when they manage to incorporate giving back and travel at the same time.

We've written before about a few hotels that put charity at the top of their list around the holidays, but there's a way to give back when booking your hotel stay all-year-round. It's called Kind Traveler. 

The premise is quite simple: When you book on, you can put $10 (or more) towards a local or global charity of your choice every night, while at the same time unlocking special discounted rates at participating hotels. Yes, those discounted rates are for real, and yes, 100 percent of your donations goes to the charity. The participating hotels are also vetted by Kind Traveler (which is a public benefit corporation) and are deemed "Kind Hotels" because they meet Kind Traveler's own standards of kind businesses, if you will. The booking site is really a win-win. You get a great hotel stay and someone (or some animal) may get three square meals for a day. 

We highly recommend you take a moment to read all about Kind Traveler and how they work right here. And if you have any questions about booking with Kind Traveler, definitely let us know. 

*Disclsoure: Juliana is a "Kindness Ambassador" for and has written content for the site. But as always, she would never endorse or recommend anything she didn't absolutely love herself.


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