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How Much Do Theme Park Tickets Cost in 2015?

Thinking about a theme park visit this summer? Let's talk ticket prices.


Welcome! That will be $99.

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When news broke earlier this year that a 1-day ticket at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom had gone over the $100 mark--to $105--it got us wondering how much tickets at other theme parks in America cost. Were they just as expensive or was Disney World just the magical exception?

As it turns out, most theme parks are pushing the $100 mark.

Listed below is a sampling of some of the major theme park ticket prices in the U.S. Disney World is still the most expensive for a 1-day ticket but paying over $75 for one day of magic, excitement, thrills, favorite character sightings, and the occasional meltdown is actually the norm.

In fact, by our informal findings the average for an adult 1-day ticket at the 13 major theme parks listed below is actually $84. And that's just for one adult!

Of course, buying multiple day tickets will lower your total theme park cost while upping your theme park experience. Other types of discounts are offered for those purchase hotel and park packages or for those who buy tickets online as well as those of a certain age (typically under three is free, while senior citizens can get discounts) or those who live in the same state as the theme park. 

But remember, ticket prices do not include food, drinks and ridiculous souvenir items that your child HAS GOT TO HAVE. Which is why my daughter currently has a Best Daughter "Oscar" statue in her bedroom. Thanks, Universal Studios!

Know of other outrageous (or totally affordable) ticket prices? Sound off in comments below!

*Ticket prices listed are standard ticket prices before taxes and other fees. We made note of discounts and multiple-day tickets where we could. We will be updating this list as the year goes on to reflect any ticket price increases as well as listing more theme parks. 



Magic Kingdom: 

$105 for a 1-day ticket (Ages 10 and up)

$99 for a 1-day ticket (Ages 3-9)

EPCOT, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios:

$97 for a 1-day ticket (Ages 10 and up)

$91 for a 1-day ticket (Ages 3-9)

Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon: 

$58 for a 1-day ticket (Ages 10 and up)

$50 for a 1-day ticket (Ages 3-9)

$53 for a 1-day seasonal ticket (Ages 10 and up; not valid May 23-August 30, 2015)

$45 for a 1-day seasonal ticket (Ages 3-9; not valid May 23-August 30, 2015)

Park Hopper Options: Can visit any one theme park per day

2-day: $96 (Ages 10 and up) and $89.50 (Ages 3-9), price per day

3-day $91.67 and $85.34, per day

4-day $76.25 and $71.25, per day

5-day $63 and $59 a day, per day


$102 for an adult, single admission tickets

$97 for a child (Ages 3-9, under 3 doesn't require a ticket)

$147 for an adult Park to Park ticket

$142 for a child Park to Park ticket


$89 for an adult 1-day ticket

$82 for a child 1-day ticket (3-12)

$104 for adult 2-day park ticket

$97 for child 2-day park ticket

(The park does have special discounted offers, happening now.)


$87 for adult 1-day Sea World ticket ( ages 3 and up)

$70 for 1-day Sea World weekday ticket 

$99 for 1-day Sea World and Aquatica ticket

$109 for 1-day Sea World and Busch Gardens Tampa ticket

*Also worth considering is the Orlando Flex ticket which will get you unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark™, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Wet 'n Wild for up to two weeks. The cost is $325 for adults and $302 for children. Adding Busch Gardens Tampa Bay for a 6-park ticket costs $349 for adults and $330 for children. 



$99 for adult 1-day Disneyland or California adventure ticket 

$93 for children (ages 3-9)

2-day ticket: $185 and $172 (One park per day)

3-day ticket: $235 and $224 (these tickets get you Magic Hours)

4-day ticket: $260 and $245

5-day ticket: $275 and $259

Upgrade to park hopper ticket: $40


$95 for 1-day ticket (ages 3 and up)*

$299 for a VIP experience (ages 5 and up)

$169 for Front of Line passes (ages 3 and up)

$119 for a 2-day ticket (ages 10 and up); $111 (ages 3-9)

*Note these are on sale for $85 from now through September 13, 2015


$87 for Legoland only adult ticket (ages 13 and up)

$81 for Legoland only child ticket (ages 3-12)

$105 for adult Legoland + Sea Life adult ticket

$99 for child  Legoland + Sea Life child ticket

$108 for adult Legoland + Water Park ticket

$102 for child Legoland + Water Park ticket

$111 for adult Legoland + Sea Life + Water Park ticket

$105 for child Legoland + Sea Life + Water Park ticket

*If you choose two attractions you will get a second day free. 


$89 for adult 1-day ticket (can also get Aquatica park admission free)

$83 for child 1-day ticket (ages 3-9)

$157 for adult Sea World + San Diego Zoo  + Safari Park combo ticket

$128 for child Sea World + San Diego Zoo  + Safari Park combo ticket

$164 for adult Sea World + Universal Studios ticket (Note: These parks are about 2.5 hours away from each other)

$152 for child Sea World + Universal Studios ticket 


$67 for a single-day ticket purchased at the theme park (ages 12-61)

$43 for a single-day ticket purchased online

$37 for a junior or senior ticket (ages 3-11 and ages 62 and up)



$55 for a single-day ticket (ages 2 and up)*

$40 for an after 3pm ticket purchased online ($45 at the gate)

*Note: Various discounts are being offered now for buying online tickets, but you need to use them by a certain date.


$61.95 for 1-day regular admission ticket (ages 9-54)

$38.95 for 1-day junior or senior admission ticket (ages 3-8 and ages 55-69)

$24.95 for 1-day Senior+ ticket (ages 70 and up)

There are also 2 and 3-day ticket options as well (Senior+ tickets excluded) as well as discounted "Sunset Hours" tickets. 


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