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OMG. There’s a Hello Kitty Airplane That You Can Fly On and Here’s What It Looks Like

Super Kawaii!!!!!!


This plane is called Joyful Dream. Mariah Carey is probably sitting in first class.

CreditEVA Air

Hello Kitty Airplane. Need we say more? 

Ok, we'll say a little bit more. EVA Air, a Taiwanese airline, has been flying a legit Hello Kitty jet for a few years now. The plane is easy to spot from the air, or more likely, at the airport because its livery (aviation-speak for the exterior of the plane) features Hello Kitty and friends. But the inside of the Hello Kitty plane is also done up in Hello Kitty everything, even on the food.  

As it turns out, flying the Hello Kitty plane out of Taiwan is a completely immersive Hello Kitty experience. You know how we love airport playgrounds? Well, EVA Air has a Hello Kitty-themed playground in Taipei Taoyuan Airport at one of the gates where some of the Hello Kitty jets depart. Our friend, and flaneur incroyable, Cynthia Drescher (@JetsetCD on Instagram) snappd these pics of the playground for us.

But the Hello Kitty goodness doesn't stop there. The airport also has a dedicated Hello Kitty check-in area with several pink Hello Kitty airport kiosks topped with Hello Kitty bows and other random Hello Kitty items like pay phones and a play house. (See One Mile at a Time's review of the Hello Kitty check-in area for all the details.) Oh and of course, there's a giant Sanrio store too. 

Now, let's get to the good stuff—what's on the Hello Kitty airplane? In short, it is pretty much a Hello Kitty fan's dream. Every surface is covered with some sort of Hello Kitty representation, from the seatbacks to the slippers in business class and from the toilet-paper in the lavs to the food.

Way back in 2013 when EVA Air had a brief stint doing a Los Angeles-Taipei route, we were able to board the Hello Kitty plane and check out all the Hello Kitty goods. Here are a few snaps of the seats and a Hello Kitty-themed meal. Yes, that salmon is edible! 

Currently, all of the  Hello Kitty flights either originate or end in Taipei where EVA Air is headquartered. But the Hello Kitty plane does have a route to and from Chicago. (Sadly, no Hello Kitty check-in or playground is there.) Additionally, EVA Air flies a few routes using their regular jets but onboard they have special Hello Kitty service and meal items. So go ahead, book yourself a trip on the Hello Kitty jet. We'll come with you! 

Top two photos: EVA Air; Hello Kitty Airport Playground: @JetsetCD; Hello Kitty Airplane interior photos: Trips + Giggles


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