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JetBlue Gets That Babies on a Plane Need Love Too

JetBlue is taking the lead on changing passengers' attitudes towards babies.


Baby-friendly airline.


Mother's Day is coming up and while hotels and resorts are usually tripping over themselves to get the Mother's Day brunch or spa business, it's refreshing for us to see an airline give a shout-out to traveling moms.

JetBlue recently launched their #FlyBabies campaign which is teaching passengers to, in short, lighten up when they see babies on their next flight. In a sweet little video, four babies (and their worried moms) were filmed on their first flight from New York to Long Beach, Calif. Judging by the death looks given by some passengers when they saw/heard a baby near them, JetBlue then offered the passengers a 25% discount on their next flight each time a baby cried. Meaning that if the babies cried four times, the passengers would get a free flight. Lo and behold, a baby cried four times and the whole plane got a free flight from JetBlue. SMILES ALL AROUND.

Of course, JetBlue can't give out free flights every time a baby cries four times but their video is a small step in the right direction of changing passengers perceptions about babies on a plane. JetBlue put it best this way: 

Babies are a lot more attuned to the emotions of the people  around them. So nothing will make a flight more relaxing for you and those anxious parents onboard than a smile and some understanding. So go ahead, and smile next time you see that baby onboard. Your mother would be so proud of you.

Don't forget about the #FlyParents too. These are parents who've helped other parents on a flight because they totally understand that the in-flight struggle is not just real, it can be soul-destroying. If you're a Fly Parent or a Fly Parent helped you, please share your story with us. Send us an email or Tweet or Facebook the story and tag us. Use the hashtag #FlyParents (Because we fly and we're fly.)


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