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Here’s One Way to Kill Time at the Airport This Holiday Season

Get your kids' nails did at the airport.


Serenity now.

CreditScott Shigley Photography

Delayed flights. Crowded planes. Cranky children. Car seat struggles. Panic attacks over lost stuffed animals. Yup, sounds like holiday travel to us.

When traveling through airports this holiday season, it can often be the most un-wonderful time of the year. But if your travels take you to, or through, Chicago O'Hare, Charlotte Douglas or (brace yourselves) Orlando International airports, there is some relief, thanks to the Terminal Getaway Spas at those airports. mentioned the spas' new offerings for the holiday season today and our eyes went directly to the Kid’s Crayola Mani/Pedi service which uses the Crayola brand of nail polish (about $25.) How cute and what a brilliant way to kill time at the airport. 

Of course, we were also drawn to the Four Hands Massage for adults where you get two therapists using their four hands on your body for an hour. Yes, in the airport! In a private room, of course. And we were not hating the idea of a cranial massage as we wait for our flight. We might even show up early for our flight just to take advantage of this.

You can even get waxing done in case you got sidetracked with the packing before you left home. (Although, this could get kind of weird. "Where did Mommy/Daddy go?" "Oh, um, just to see about something in that store over there. He/She should be back soon.")

Appointments are recommended at the Terminal Getaway Spas but this being an airport spa business, of course they accept walk-ins. You can check their exact locations in the airport terminals here. 

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