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Lounge Life: Inside the AA Admirals Club Kids Lounge at LAX

Another reason why it's smart to have status with one airline, especially when traveling with kids.


Love that scooter on the wall.

CreditTrips + Giggles

Playgrounds at airports are few and far but Trips + Giggles will be making note of them where we see them. Know of a cool airport playground? Let us know!

It's good to be an American...Airlines Admirals Club member. That's because the airline's lounge at Los Angeles International Airport has a pretty sweet children's play area. 

The bright and happy space features a couple of kid-sized tables where smaller children can work on puzzles, drawings or play with their toys. A leather banquette with tiny drink tables is a perfect place for parents to sit and watch the kids while sipping on their gin and tonic coffee. On the opposite end of the room is a media center for older children with two PCs. (The lounge has free WiFi too.) There's plenty of toys found throughout the room in boxes, so the discovery of these should keep the kid occupied for a while. 

This lounge is set to undego a makeover later this year but we're pretty sure they will keep the kids' area because why not? Already, the Admirals Lounge at LAX has been making small upgrades here and there, most notably by bringing on an executive chef, Chris Hsieh, who is cooking up fresh, and healthy dishes made with local ingredients. These offerings, available at self-serve stations and on a lounge menu, are mindful of many dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegetarian and perhaps, most importantly for when you're about to get on an airplane, low sodium. In short, this is airline lounge food you would actually eat and want to feed to your children. 

Access to this lounge is guaranteed to first and business class passengers of American Airlines and other elite program members. You can see all those options here. But a day pass can be purchased for $50 and that  gets three children up to the age of 18 in for free.

If you're not feeling the day pass, there aren't any other playground options in Terminal 4, other than letting the kids run wild through the gates. We really wish all airports and terminals had what LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal has--a great open playground for kids called The Beach. Someday.....


Welcome to The Beach at Los Angeles International Airport

Another Airport Playground: This Time at the AA Admirals Club at JFK

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