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Mile High Baby: Pregnant Woman Gives Birth on China Air Flight

This gives new meaning to the phrase, "Baby's first flight."


Oh hi. Don't mind my barefeet.

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Traveling parents often worry about how their babies will act in-flight, but we've just heard of something much scarier to think about--giving birth in the middle of a flight.

This actually happened on a China Air flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles the other day when a woman went into labor halfway through the flight. Fortunately, there was a UCLA medical resident on board (returning from her honeymoon, no less!) to help the woman deliver the baby girl safely. (There are photos here, if you dare.)The flight attendants acted like nurses and most of the passengers were asleep, that is until the cabin lights came on to help with the delivery. After the birth, the plane diverted its trip to Anchorage, Alaska but still, the baby's first hours of life were spent in coach on China Air. We sincerely hope she gets an upgrade on her next flight.

Although maybe not as "common" as babies born in cars, and on subways and buses, babies being delivered on planes has happened before, like in 2012 on a Delta flight. But really, we hope this doesn't happen again for a while.

In case you're wondering, yes, pregnant women can fly on airplanes, although several doctors recommend not flying past 36 weeks...for these exact reasons. 

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