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What the World’s Airports Need Now Are More Mamava Stations

Breastfeeding in public would be so much easier if more of these were around.


You're gonna like it in here.


News came out today about these amazing lactation stations from Mamava being installed at the General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee. One look at the private breastfeeding pod and we're already hoping for more them to be installed around the world.

As anyone who has breastfeed in an airport can testify, it ain't easy. Your options--if you don't have the business or first class lounge access--are the general gate/boarding area for which you will definitely need a hooter hider, or the bathroom. Considering that we don't even like going to the bathroom in most airport bathrooms, there's no chance we'll feed our kid in there. 

But Mamava's modular lactation suite give you a place to breastfeed, or pump, comfortably and privately with room to sit with your legs up and even have a child or companion in there with you. There's also a power outlet, space for your luggage or stroller, soft lighting and a mirror, and a fold-down table to accomodate your breast pump. And no need to worry about someone barging in as there's a lock that display "Occupied" on the outside.

Mamava cofounders Sascha Mayer and Christine Dodson came up with the idea when they found so few places to pump privately while working away from home with their options often either the bathroom or the car. Here's their mission statement which also shows that Mamava goes beyond a pod to pump in:

We are dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding, making it a more accepted, optimistic, realistic, accommodating, and inviting experience for all mamas. We seek to move culture beyond the mommy wars, beyond the pain points, beyond the setups to fail, to a place where nursing mamas are celebrated, supported, and given every accommodation to meet their breastfeeding goals—whatever they might be.

We especially love that their logo is a pair of happy breasts. These are the cutest breasts we've ever seen. #YeahWeJustSaidThat

Based in Vermont, the Mamava company has lactation suites at the Burlington International Airport as well as in Milwaukee. Mayer told us they are working on more locations, including not just major airports but convention centers, arenas and even a zoo. And we suspect even more suites will come. 

"We have found that each time one of the “pods” lands in a public place the idea spreads," Mayer said. "because people truly understand what it is, and how easy it is to support moms on their breastfeeding journey."



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