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The New San Francisco Treat: The Museum of Ice Cream [UPDATED]

How to get tickets to the world's coolest museum. 


Ice cream upon ice cream upon ice cream.

CreditTrips + Giggles

The Museum of Ice Cream has become one of the most popular places in America for narcissists to photograph themselves, ever since Beyoncé and The Kardashians hit up the Los Angeles outpost this past spring. (It originally opened in NYC in Summer of 2016.) Indeed, museum is kind of a misnomer since there's no real cultural benefit to it, save from snapping photos, applying a gentle filter, and putting them on Instagram. But regardless of how you feel about social media, selfies and Stories (either Instagram or Snapchat), the museum is a pretty awesome place for the kids. 

We took our two youngins (almost 5 and 6.5) last month and while we learned probably just two things about the history of ice cream itself (the Germans apparently invented sprinkles), we had a blast walking through the life-sized popsicle sculptures, swinging on a random set of swings before walking through a room where tons of bananas hung from the ceiling, and jumping into the Sprinkle Pool. Don't worry, the sprinkles are plastic. Another bonus? The musuem serves a special ice cream treat in every room you enter. #sugaroverload.

The overall experience took about an hour and a half. Wisely, the museum lets people into the space in timed batches, so that each group has enough time to photograph themselves in each room. Seriously. Just beware, there is a gift shop at the end of the tour and your kids, all hopped up on sugar, are going to want a few things. Plan accordingly.

Check out this video of the museum that we took for Condé Nast Traveler on their Snapchat channel. 


Tickets to the Los Angeles "museum" have been sold-out since May, but another outpost is opening on September 16 in SAN FRANCISCO at 1 Grant Ave. The museum promises to be slightly different from the LA and NYC versions but the Sprinkle Pool will be there. 

Details are scant on when the tickets will be released—they are to come online in August—but you're not going to want to miss out when they do.

How to Book Tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream

*Note: This is what we did for the LA tickets. SF might be different and we'll update you if it is. 

Step 1: Follow the Museum of Ice Cream on Instagram and sign up for their newsletter to get the first word on what day the tickets would go on sale.

Step 2: Set an iCal alarm for 30 minutes before the tickets go on sale.

Step 3: Once in the queue to buy tickets, select a date and time to visit, which could be as far as two months into the future. Take it anyways.

Step 4: Have your credit card number ready to go because if you take too much time deciding when to go, you might get kicked out of the queue and have to start all over again. You don't want that. 

Step 5: Decide who's going to the Musuem with you. Just remember, at least one person with their name on the ticket has to show up. And sorry, you can't resell these suckers on StubHub. 

UPDATE: 8/23/17

Tickets for Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco on 1 Grant Street go on sale on AUGUST 25 at 9am PST. If you have an American Express Platinum card, you can buy tickets presale right here. If you have any other type of American Express card, you can get tickets starting tomorrow. Everyone else will have to Q up on Friday. Tickets start at $38 for every age, except infants.


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