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There’s a Peanuts Hotel Opening Soon!

There's just one catch. (And it's kinda like Lucy snatching the football away at the last second.)



Charlie Brown and Snoopy lovers, rejoice! There's a Peanuts Hotel opening soon. But (cue the sad trombone) it's in Kobe, Japan. We know, we know, but we can still love it from afar thanks to its Instagram account. 

Kotaku reports that the hotel will have only 18 rooms but each will be a theme from a cartoon strip. In fact, the hotel's tagline is borrowed straight from a Peanuts strip—"It's nice to have a home where your guests feel comfortable." (If that wasn't a quote from a cartoon strip, we'd have to send a letter to their marketing team for most obvious hotel tagline.) 

There will also be a Peanuts Cafe and a Peanuts Diner on the first floor. The joint is set to open on August 1. (Can someone go and nab us one of those Do Not Disturb signs? Kthxbai.)


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