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What’s Inside the Red Passport for Kids at Rocco Forte Hotels?

Families First, Er, Forte at Rocco Forte Hotels!


Kid get to draw their own passport picture. Sigh. Wish we could do the same

CreditTrips + Giggles

We always like to spotlight what hotels are handing out to the kids during their stays and this little red passport from the luxury collection of Rocco Forte Hotels is absolutely adorable. 

Kids can get a visa stamp in their RF passport from whichever hotel they are staying in, which also has its own cute little mascot. And not only does the passport gives the kids something to doodle on during your stay, it also entitles them to a free meal! So long as they fill out the activities in the book correctly. 

You'll also want to hold onto this passport forever because if kids can collect visas from all the hotels in the Rocco Forte family, your family will win a free weekend stay in any Rocco Forte hotel. Of course, some terms and conditions apply. 

Considering that staying in all 11 Rocco Forte hotels might take your family a while, if ever, to achieve, let's focus on the excellent new spring promotion that RF is offering for families. 

Families can receive 50 percent off a similar type of room for two children, as well as breakfast daily for the whole family, complimentary meals for kids under three, and a 50 percent discount on meals and drinks for kids ages four-12. Rates for the package depend on what hotel you're staying at—usually it's around 350 Euros a night—but being able to get half-off on the room is such a relief! 

If you aren't familiar, Rocco Forte, which is run by Sir Rocco Forte and his own family, has spectacular hotels in great locations in Europe. Most of their properties are old historic buildings, meaning you'll be able to give the kids a history lesson just by waking up in the hotel.

Some modern history lessons to share: At the Hotel de Amigo in Brussels, there's an underground tunnel that is connected to the Town Hall next door. Lady Gaga once used it when she performed there. At The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, which is nearly 200 years old and has been a railway hotel since its inception, J.K. Rowling rented out a suite to finish the last chapters of the last Harry Potter book. At the Hotel De Rome in Berlin, the building was formerly a bank in East Berlin that was restored after the wall came down in 1989. 

Luxury hotel + built-in history lesson = vacation win. 

Want to stay in a Rocco Forte hotel with your family? Let me know and I'll help you plan your trip. With some added goodies too!


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