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That Time We Forgot a Bag for Our Car Seat

This happened. #ThanksDelta.


Can you tell what's missing here?

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Over the summer, we eschewed this "comfortable car seat backpack" on our Facebook page and well, let's just say Schadenfreude has caught up with us.

We were late getting out of the house for our Delta Airlines flight to Salt Lake City the other week. So late that we just made the baggage cut off by 32 seconds. No joke. And of course, being so late, we completely forgot to bring our car seat bags. 

"Oh well, the airline will just wrap the car seats in plastic before they send them under the plane," we thought, since airlines have done that for our car seats before. Nope. Our car seats arrived totally unwrapped when we got to the baggage claim. Hmpf.

The same thing happened on the way back home. Car seats arrived at baggage claim totally naked. Except our older child's booster seat was disassembled with only the top half arriving and the bottom seat someone in lost luggage limbo. 

We filed a claim with Delta but the problem is that the baggage tag was on the top half of the seat, which arrived at the baggage claim and was scanned by the baggage handlers. So in the system, the car seat is showing up as "Scanned." 

We've accepted that the bottom half of the seat is gone and that we will have to replace it. But we fully expect Delta to reimburse us for the cost of the seat.

Until that check arrives though, we strongly suggest you get your own car seat bags. Here are a few options:


These are the cheapie bags from Toys R' Us that we own: 

Britax also makes car seat bag backpacks that can be attached to a Britax cart to make carrying through the airport easier

We also love the cute message on the Prince Lionheart Car Seat bag which says: "Dear Baggage Handler, I love my car seat. It's a place where I can sleep, dream, and watch the world go by. It's way more comfy than the rental car seats, so please handle with care. Thanks!"


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