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The Kids Will Be All Packed With the AllPakt Backpack

Well, maybe not ALL packed, but at least their travel toys will be squared away. 


Go ahead, open it up!

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What toys to bring on the airplane? That is usually the #1 question amongst parents traveling with toddlers. (After "Will my child have an epic tantrum meltdown on this flight?" of course. Unsolicited answer: Yes, they will.)

A while back, we gave our recommendations for 6 Toys for Keeping Toddlers Entertained on The Plane, the first of which included "A Small Bag of Small Stuff." The idea behind this one is essentially a goodie bag for the plane, filled with small toys and crafts like cars, papers and crayons, stickers, and little dolls (My Little Ponies are perfect for this.) Yet this does take some pre-planning, or at the very least a trip to the Dollar Spot at Target or the toy aisle at CVS. 

Enter AllPakt, an adorable, kid-sized backpack filled with 11 premium travel toys, activities and accessories. Here's a peek inside a red All Pakt that's made just for pre-schoolers. It includes:

  • Melissa & Doug blank doodle pad
  • Stack-a-doodle crayons (good for coloring and building)
  • Wikki Stix (a perennial fave of ours. FWIW, these are also included in Virgin America's Jetset Kids meal)
  • 100 Things for Little Children to Do on a Trip (activity cards that come with a wipe-clean pen)
  • Crayola Model Magic (in white)
  • A Giraffe hand puppet (can also double as a lovey) 
  • A Cubebot (awesome wooden robot that packs up neatly into a small cube.)
  • Imaginetics "Dino Age" book (comes with 16 dino-mite magnets to place on various scenes)
  • Curious George at the Aquarium book (which also has a Spanish version inside)
  • A tray from Colorations  (the higher borders mean pieces of craft projects won't easily slip off)
  • Honest wipes (because everyone needs wipes, especially on a plane.)

Aside from the reaction of your kids as they keep pulling fun stuff out of the bag, best part of the AllPakt is the toy-curating that's gone on here. These are not toys we've never seen before, but they are toys that we hadn't thought to put in the airplane goodie bag before. Probably because we're at the Dollar Spot grabbing whatever trinket we can. So it's refreshing to see such cool toys (the Cubebot is our fave) in one backpack. It should come as no suprise that the founders behind AllPakt are traveling parents who were already pulling together fun travel toy bags for their kids. (You can read their backstory here.)

The AllPakt does come at a premium price of $45, but you can re-use the bag, the tray, and several of the toys. That said, if you're traveling with two tots, you're gonna need two bags. You won't want them squabbling in mid-flight over who gets the Cubebot.

Disclosure: AllPakt sent us a sample backpack to review but we promise we'd never endorse anything we didn't actually love ourselves.


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