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This Airport Really Understands Its Most Frequent Travelers

It's a small touch but it's much appreciated.


CreditCynthia Drescher/@JetSetCD

The best part about having potty-trained kids is (Hallelujah!) you no longer have to buy diapers. The worst part is you still have to assist them with getting on the potty and (ugh), wiping.

Even worse, is doing all that while squeezing into a tiny stall of a public bathroom and sternly repeating, "Do NOT touch anything." 

Then once you've succeeded in getting your kids to do their business, you have to haul them over to the sink for some hand-washing. This inevitably requires you to lift them up so they can reach the sink and the soap. That can get messy. So messy you almost wish you could put them in a diaper again.

But at Orlando International Airport, they really get their most frequent travelers--kids. Which is why the bathrooms have pull-down, step-stools at the sink. No lifting required! This snapshot was taken at the baggage claim at Terminal B.

Another big perk at MCO? Complimentary WiFi throughout the airport. So you can download new apps or TV shows and movies before taking off. (Or, and this is more likely, so you can FB all your awesome Disney World photos.) 

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andrea, passports and pushchairs 8:39 am on June 23, 2014

Atlanta has these too! They make washing hands so, so much easier!