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This Stranger Helped a Baby Stop Crying In-Flight

A mom got some relief from her screaming baby, thanks to the help of another mom.


CreditRebekka Garvison/Facebook

The biggest fear everyone has with flying with their babies is a non-stop flight. And I mean non-stop as in non-stop crying.

This is a legit fear, especially with babies in the four to 10-month range. That's because they are too old to be sleeping every other hour, but they are too young to be distracted by toys, iPads, stickers, lollipops, etc. But also the airplane cabin pressure is tough on the little ones and since they can't say, "Get me some water please" or "Make that engine noise stop" or, "Why does that person keep looking at me funny?" or "Goddammit, why didn't you spring for more legroom so we could get some space up in this joint?", they will resort to crying instead. And if they miss a nap, that crying will take on some action-movie decibal levels.

There are some things you can do and some items you can bring with you to reduce the chances of this happening. See our tips here. But maybe now we can add, "Hope there's a kind-hearted stranger sitting next to you."

That's what happened to Rebekka Garvison, who was taking her first solo flight with her 4-month-old daughter on a 6am trip out of Chicago O'Hare. Her daughter would not stop crying, so fellow passenger/hero Nyfesha Miller offered to hold the baby for a bit to see if she could calm her down. Miller has three children of her own so clearly she had a few tricks up her sleeve. (Note: her children were not with her on this flight.) And indeed, Miller had the magic touch because Garvison's daughter went to sleep and stayed asleep until the plane landed in Atlanta. 

Garvison ended up befriending Miller on Facebook and gave her a major shout-out in a status update that has since gone viral. 

This warms out hearts. Moms helping moms! Baby stops crying and successfully sleeps through a flight! New friendships are made! But much like that time when those people handed out goodie bags to every passenger before their flight with a young baby, I don't want other parents to get their hopes up. For every Nyfesha Miller there are a dozen Jo(e) Schmoe business traveler type who rolls their eyes at you when they see you board with a baby. Yet I hope this story going viral will prompt other parents to help one another out on flights.

HAVE YOU HELPED ANOTHER PARENT ON A FLIGHT RECENTLY? HAS SOMEONE HELPED YOU? SHARE YOUR STORIES WITH US! Send us an email or Tweet or Facebook the story and tag us. Use the hashtag #FlyParents (Because we fly and we're fly.)


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