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Trips + Giggles Top 5 Family Travel Tips with Zach Everson

For all the traveling dads out there...


CreditZach Everson

Welcome to the second installment of Trips + Giggles Top 5, where we ask parents for their best tips for the Top 5 family travel situations--Packing, Flying, Road-Tripping, Hotel Living and Finding Fun. After all, the best advice always comes from parents who have been there, done that, and cleaned up that.

When not reading bedtime stories, tending to boo-boos, or allowing his daughters to have fun in ways their mom never allows, Zach Everson is a freelance writer who’s contributed to Condé Nast Traveler, The Wall Street Journal, and Eater. He’s the proud father of 5-year-old Vivian (nicknamed Bossy Pants) and 3-year-old Charlotte (nicknamed Swiper). Keep up with Zach on Twitter and Instagram.

PACKING: I am a disciple of Rick Steves when it comes to packing. Usually that means bringing as little as you can to travel comfortably. But on his radio show, I heard him advise a parent of young kids to take whatever she needed to make sure her little ones were happy. And I’ve embraced that guidance too—even when on a recent Disney cruise it meant lugging along a separate suitcase filled only with princess dresses.

FLYING: For the dads—seat yourself next to the kids and have your wife sit away from you. My best flight as a parent was without my wife. It’s clearly sexist, but the treatment I got from flight attendants and fellow passengers as a dad traveling alone with my then 20-month-old-daughter was amazing.

ROAD-TRIPPING: Have more kids than iPads? Buy this iPad mount and everyone in the back can watch the movie. Bonus: little hands can’t reach the iPad and accidentally shut it off. 

HOTEL LIVING: Book a suite. That way, after the kids are asleep, you can have some space to veg out on your own in a more relaxing manner than sitting in a dark room and trying to steal glances at your iPhone without waking up the kids 

FINDING FUN: Every afternoon, take an ice cream break. It’s a good bribe for the kids and reward for the parents


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