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Where Teenagers Can ‘Hideout’ at The Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World

Four Seasons Hotels + Orlando = Pure Magic. 


CreditAll photos: Trips + Giggles

If you're kids are too old for the complimentary kids club at The Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World, send them to the far end of the pool area, to The Hideout.

Here they can chill, play video games, pinball, foosball, and pool as well as watch movies, check their email, attempt some old-school board games and really, whatever else it is that teens are into these days.

The Hideout also opens out to an intimate amphitheater, a small pool with a volleyball net and some super cool swinging huts. There's also an ice cream shop inside, you know, to keep them energized. Yes, we are thinking what you are thinking: "Can adults hang out here too?" 

But don't worry parentals, we've got you covered. 


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