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This Airport Bathroom is The Best Thing Ever (for Families)

All we want for Christmas is more of these awesome airport nurseries.


Hey baby, hey baby, hey!

CreditTrips + Giggles

The other day while flying through San Francisco International Airport, we came upon the greatest thing ever—a nursery bathroom in Terminal 2. 

Located near the restrooms before security, the nursery requires an access code which you can easily get from the courtesy phone next to it. Once you're inside, there's a chair for nursing or feeding, a diaper changing table, a sink, paper towels, soothing music and even a diaper vending machine (It's $2 for a diaper and some wipes.) 

I spent about 20 minutes in this room with three kids (including a 7-month-old baby) while we waited for my other half to return the rental car. During that time, we changed the diaper, washed the pacifier that had fallen on the sidewalk, administered medicine (the girls were battling colds), and took some time to get our sh*t together. 

Even better, SFO has multiple nurseries throughout the airport in other terminals before and after security checkpoints. Other airports around the world, please take note! 


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