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JetBlue Has an Awesome Airport Playground at JFK

G O D S E N D.


"I'm on a boat!"

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We stumbled upon this airport playground at JetBlue's T5 terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport the other day and our hearts swelled with gratitude. 

Check out this pirate ship for kids to run around in and that large swath of soft-coated floor for toddlers to cruise around on!

The playground, which was decked out in promotional swag for Amazon's Tumble Leaf show (which our kids love), can be found across from Gate 17. If you are traveling JetBlue through JFK, you do not want to miss this. 

There are actually a lot of cool things to do at T5, which you can read about here, you know, in case you ever have your Alaska Airlines flight out of Newark cancelled twice and need to get back home to Los Angeles with three kids and so you are cool with driving an hour and a half to JFK and luckily JetBlue had seats left on a flight and you even were able to get extra legroom seats and your baby managed to sleep for four hours on the five-hour flight and the plane also arrived in LA 45 minutes earlier than expected and then you resolutely vowed never to fly Alaska Airlines again, and therefore have about an hour and a half of spare time to kill in JFK airport. #passiveaggressiverant

Know of another awesome airport playground? Send it to us!  


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