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Flying KLM Will Have Your Kids Feeling ‘Blue’ in a Good Way

Forgot your stash of toys? KLM has your back. 


Um. This airline is just giving this stuff to kids onboard.


We've talked a lot here about "curating" a special bag of toys to keep kids entertained on the plane flight but can you imagine if an airline just gave you a set of toys to play with, included in your ticket? We bet right now you're remembering your last domestic flight in the U.S. and are scoffing at the idea. 

It sounds preposterous but on KLM, a Dutch airline, this is actually happening. 

KLM has released a new kids play set called, Bluey, available for select flights to and out of Amsterdam Schipol airport. On European flights, the play set includes a Bluey activities book with colored pencils and a passport holder. On international flights, Bluey includes a card package, a coloring book, colored pencils, a crew badge, a tic-tac-toe game and eye shades.

Additionally, international flights will offer a Bluey meal box which has special childrens' meal selections. (You do have to pre-order these at

Kids also get a separate TV channel on KLM's in-flight entertainment system, which is in a new Bluey layout. (Note: Bluey is the cartoon jet that's featured on all the packaging.) Pre-trip, kids can chill out in the renovated KLM Junior Jet Lounge at Schipol airport. 

Traveling with an infant? Here's how they will most likely travel. 

All of this is a supremely smart move in garnering customer loyalty, especially since KLM says a million kids between the ages of two and 12 fly on KLM. That averages out to be 10 children per flight. 

Considering how Lufthansa treats their family passengers, coupled with KLM's new products, we really hope this "Families, fly with us!" trend makes its way stateside soon. 

Photos: KLM


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